1. Maggie's Dream

From the recording Life and Depth

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Maggie's Dream

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Maggie’s Dream

Pretty brown eyes and a great big little smile
with fuzzy hair standing up.
She looks at me and my heart just melts
like a broken ice cream truck.

She might be a lawyer some day
or teach kids to swim at the YMCA
whatever it takes to make her eyes shine
oh, Maggie’s dream is mine.

I was standing there the day she was born
when she turned from blue to pink
watching life start on an warm Sunday morning
can really make a man think.

She might play violin on TV
Or be a healer of disease
Whatever it takes to make her eyes shine
oh Maggie’s dream is mine.

Little dolls and big dreams and books about birds
Oh the time just seems to go
just like a cheap watch and a real good day
it’s later than you know

A way important presidential aid
or a secret agent for the CIA
or just somebody who drops by to say hey,
Maggie’s dream is mine.

She might work down at the zoo
smiling at the animals and the people too.
Whatever it takes to make her eyes shine,
Oh Maggie’s dream is mine.

Maggie’s dream is mine.

/David Benton