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Closet Full Of Emptiness

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Closet Full of Emptiness

She had a closet full of emptiness
With blouses, shoes and belts
But she never could find anything
To dress up how she felt

So she went out to the internet
and found some cute red pants
packed up all her closet space
and moved it all to France

where she found

a closet full of emptiness
with boots and Beaujolais
she met a man with a thin mustache
and a matching black beret

when the smoke and the chapel cleared
there wasn't much to say
so she bought some boxes and pink duct tape
and a ticket to L.A.

where she found

a closet full of emptiness
with bikinis and implants
now a angry girl in a angry world
with some fake romance

so she gathered up all of her stuff
and went to the homeless home
laid her burdens down on the porch
and gave up all she owned.

where she found

a closet full of happiness
She did not know was there
She came to find the hole in her soul
Had been filled with underwear

now she gives away a little of herself
to those who need a start
and she found the love she was looking for
in the closet in her heart

/David Benton